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Most Scenic Road In Norway

Updated Aug 9, 2019
County road 63 is, in our opinion, the most scenic road in Norway. We have compiled a guide to this stunning route, with breathtaking photos.

Many websites claim that the Atlantic Ocean Road is the most scenic or beautiful road in Norway. We disagree. Dont't get us wrong, we like the Atlantic Road. But while it looks beautiful on aerial photos, you don't actually see that much of Norway's scenery when driving it. It is also quite short. As experienced Norway road-trippers, we want to recommend another scenic drive.

County road 63, or as it is called in Norwegian - fylkesvei 63 - stretches 106 km (66 mi) from Langevatnet to Åndalsnes. It is, in our opinion, undoubtedly the most scenic road in Norway. Along the well-visited tourist route are many fantastic places, the most famous being the Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen (the Troll's Ladder). Here is our guide to this beautiful drive.

1. Start

Langevatnet - the start of Norway's most scenic drive, county road 63.
County road 63 starts at the junction with national road 15 at Langevatnet - a small lake beneath a steep rock face. You are in the mountains now, a six-hour drive from Oslo.

2. Djupvasshytta

You will soon reach Djupvasshytta - a remote hotel, 1,030 m (3,379 ft) above sea level.[1] We strongly recommend that you make an exit here, and take a detour up Nibbevegen.

3. Dalsnibba

Nibbevegen is a dramatic asphalt road that winds up the mountain Dalsnibba. The road ends on the summit, at a large parking lot 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level.[2] Enjoy the amazing panorama view of the Geirangerfjord and surrounding mountains.

4. Flydalsjuvet

Hope you have checked the brakes, because it is downhill from here. Head back down to Djupvasshytta and continue on road 63 toward Geiranger. Magnificent scenery will follow you all the way down to sea level. County road 63 is one of 18 National Scenic Routes in Norway. These scenic drives have plenty of rest stops and viewpoints, such as at Flydalsjuvet (bottom photo).

5. Geiranger

When you have finished winding down the mountain, you will arrive at the village of Geiranger. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

6. Ørnesvingen

The only road leading from Geiranger, besides the one you came from, is the steep serpentine road Ørnesvingen (the Eagle Road in English). There is a lookout platform at the eleventh hairpin turn, where anyone can take amazing photos.

7. Eidsdal

Road 63 continues north through the valley of Eidsdal. The road is straighter here, but eyes forward! You are driving in a cow pasture.

8. Norddalsfjorden

You will soon reach a village with the same name as the valley - Eidsdal. From here, you take the ferry across the Norddalsfjord toward the small town of Sylte.

9. Gudbrandsjuvet

From Sylte, county road 63 continues through the valley of Valldal. This area is known for its strawberries, and there are usually stands by the road. You will soon arrive at Gudbrandsjuvet (bottom photo), where the river Valldøla cascade down a ravine. This is a nice place to stretch the legs.

10. Valldal

Valldal valley above Trollstigen
Road 63 in Valldal valley
Road 63 carries on upwards through the beautiful Valldal. You will find yourself driving among turquoise mountain lakes and snow-covered peaks.

11. Trollstigen

At 858 m (2,815 ft) above sea level,[3] the road takes a turn for the worse, and becomes even more awesome! Here begins the famous Trollstigen (the Troll's Ladder) a narrow serpentine road that twists itself down three mountainsides. Park at the top and follow the walkway to the observation platform.

12. Åndalsnes

Enjoy the both scary and beautiful drive down Trollstigen. The road eventually levels out, and a short drive later through the valley of Isterdalen, you will arrive at the junction with European road E136. This marks the end of Norway's most scenic road, but don't worry! Just to your left is Åndalsnes - a port town with stunning scenery in all directions.

13. Romsdalen

If you turn right instead, you will enter the valley of Romsdalen. Just a few kilometers (miles) in are 1,800 m (5,900 ft) high mountain peaks and the tallest vertical, overhanging rock face in Europe, Trollveggen (the Troll Wall).[4] Keep exploring beautiful Norway! Or turn around and drive the most scenic road in Norway from the other direction as well.
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