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What is World's Most Awesome?

World's Most Awesome is a website that gathers the most spectacular from all over the world. The website consists of articles with carefully chosen photos and interesting texts. We aim to deliver both intriguing and important facts in a simple and welcoming way.
The history of World's Most Awesome began in 2012 with the launch of the Swedish version of the website - Världens Häftigaste. The Swedish site has grown non-stop, and recieved nearly half a million visits in July 2019. In 2017, we decided to launch an International version - World's Most Awesome.

Our main goal is to spread awareness of our world, from a scientific and ecological point of view. We focus on the wonders of Earth, the various forms of life, the achievements of mankind and the mysteries of the Universe. The environmental aspect is important to us, and we willingly depict endangered animals and the human impact on our planet. We will never publish photos of cycling monkeys or other unethical stuff.

Pictures and videos

We respect the copyright laws. Almost all pictures on the website are public domain or available under a free license. Remaining pictures are published with the author's permission. All videos on the website are embedded from YouTube, which means that the person who uploaded the video on YouTube also chose to make it available to others. If a YouTube video turns out to be a copyright infringement, it is removed from the site.


All texts on World's Most Awesome are written by us and thoroughly checked to avoid any factual inaccuracies. We critically analyze information sources and always cite sources when neccessary.

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Feel free to contact us at contact@worldsmostawesome.com.
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